We’re starting a new industry from the ground up!

There is plenty to reflect on in that sentence.  So here we go…

  • How can an ancient plant become an emerging industry?
  • What’s for dinner?  Did you know that hemp may be the highest source of plant-based protein?
  • What’s your favorite hemp recipe? (Just got back from the Hemp Foods Cook-Off.  Delicious!)
  • How are you feeling?  Have you heard about the accelerating scientific discoveries about the Endocannabinoid system in mammals?
  • How can hemp replace tobacco as an agricultural commodity?
  • Why was hemp made illegal in the first place?
  • What is it about Kentucky’s soil, water and sky that made us “The Hemp Capital of the World,” before prohibition?
  • What was in Thomas Edison and George Washington Carver’s notebooks when they proclaimed in the 1930s that hemp would be a “Billion Dollar Crop?”  And where did those notebooks go?
  • Who was Harry Anslinger and was the campaign against marijuana in the 1930’s a red herring?
  • Oh yes – there’s MORE.

Most importantly, this site will explore the agronomics and scientific research now being gathered at Atalo Holding’s Hemp Research Campus about agricultural hemp.  We’re on a mission to, as Thomas Jefferson advised, “add another crop to the rotation” and to do it the right way.  We intend to uncover just why Edison and Carver were so enthusiastic.  Some of our growers have been farming hemp for 7 generations and now after a 70-year prohibition, they’re back!  Stay tuned.

Help me get the conversation started.  Your suggestions would be helpful.  And any guest  bloggers are welcome.

Thanks – From the Ground Up

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